Red Star Sex Linked Chickens are rated the number one brown egg layer

Red Star Hen Red Star Hen with 2 males and 2 females Red Star Eggs

red star hen
Red Star Hen with 2 male and 2 female chicks
red star eggs
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Red Sex Links Chickens

Red Star Chickens, traditionally known as Red Sex-Link Chickens,are bred for their increased egg laying abilities and such that one can easily tell the gender of the birds immediately after hatching. This is useful for flock owners who want to maintain a specific rooster to hen ratio at all times.

Red Sex Link Chickens can be developed using various red chicken breeds for the hen, but are always crossed with a Rhode Island Red Rooster or a New Hampshire Red Rooster. These particular Red Sex Links are a cross breed utilizing the Delaware Hen and the Rhode Island Red Rooster. The result is a prolific egg laying and quality meat bird with superior production value of its respective parents' breeds.

Red Sex Link Chicks are an excellent choice for many commercial egg laying operations for their substantial production as well as their ease of breeding and sexing. These breeds also mature rapidly and will begin laying much earlier than many other breeds.
One can easily sex or determine the gender of these baby chickens -

  • Male Red Sex Link Chicks will be white.
  • Female Red Sex Link Chicks will hatch either buff or red.

< Red Sex Link Chickens Commercial poultry operations will often favor Sex Link Hens due to their excellent egg laying capabilities and their moderate size which yield ample fowl meat.

Red Sex Link Chickens are referred to as Red Stars due to their exceptionally high egg production and rapid maturity.

Sex Link Chickens come in three main varieties -
  • Red Sex Link Chickens
  • Black Sex Link Chickens
  • Gold Sex Link Chickens
  • Red Sex Link Chicken Info

    • Adult Weight - Male: 7 pounds ; Female: 4.5 pounds
    • Color - Roosters can range from pure white feathering to white with splotches of black plumage, Hens are mostly red with some white feathering on the tail and breast area, Both genders have bright red combs and yellow skin
    • Purpose - Dual Purpose: Egg Laying and Meat Production
    • Egg Production - Excellent: Between 250-300 per year depending on cross
    • Egg Color - Brown
    • Egg Size - Large
    • Country of Origin -United States

Red Stars
delaware hen Rhode Island Red Rooster